Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apartment Brawl

Once again roommates Christine Dupree and Tanya Danielle find themselves at odds. Initially Tanya refuses to engage in any type of battle, verbal or otherwise. "I'm not fighting over the smack you talk behind my back. I'm not fighting over some perceived insult. I'm not fighting over a job. I'm not fighting over a man. I'm not fighting over housework." she says flatly. "In fact, I'm not fighting over anything at all unless a million dollars or the crown jewels are at stake. Don't bother me. Go away, Christine. I'm not moving off this couch unless I stand to gain a tremendous amount of money for my effort." Christine refuses to leave her alone because Tanya's increasingly slothful behavior and uncharacteristically apathetic disposition have really started to grate on her nerves. She knows that she can push Tanya to her breaking point and she proceeds to do just that. After antagonizing the complacent blonde for another 20 minutes Christine feels a rush of pleasure when her newly enraged roommate at last rises to her feet and hisses: "Just wait, you trouble-making bitch.. when I finish kicking your ass I am going to subject you to the worst breast and nipple torture that you have ever endured!"

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