Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lift & Terror

Two weeks ago I went over to Christine Dupree's place to do a catfight video. The afternoon began innocently enough with Christine and me chatting as I applied some makeup and changed into a bikini. After heading into the living room she told me that she wanted to take a few photos and do a vigorous warm-up before shooting the video. We were striking a few poses for the camera when Christine suddenly lifted me off my feet and onto her back! I hollered at her to put me down and she merely laughed. The cameraman continued to snap photos as she refused to set me back on the floor. Finally she told me that the only way she would put me down is if I let her give me a piggyback ride. Out of sheer frustration - and because my back was killing me - I agreed. What a mistake. As soon as Christine hoisted me onto her back she began galloping around the room in her 7-inch heels. My cries of protest went unheeded until she unceremoniously dumped me on the carpet. She did not even give me a chance to recover before she lifted me with her arms and carried me around her apartment in yet another hold from which I could not escape. Completely humiliated by both her brute strength and her lack of consideration for my feelings, I barely could muster any resistance when she threw me onto the couch and then proceeded to squat down, drape my legs over her shoulders and commence carrying me around the room as I screamed with genuine terror. She was wearing 7-INCH PLATFORM HEELS as she did this!!! Total insanity. I desperately clutched at the ceiling, attempting to steady myself as she raced around her home with me atop her shoulders. Pieces of white paint crumbled off into my hands and came raining down on the carpet, but still Christine held me captive. I thought it would never end. It did finally end, however... long after Christine subjected me to numerous other terrifying lifts AND after I discovered that she had been videotaping the entire episode!!

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XO Tanya


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